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The start of what might turn itself into my memoir thus far…Image


“I guess you may want to start to look at the beginning. Not necesarrily the beginning of life itself; just maybe the beginning of mine. Well I’m sorry, but that’s just not normal. I have never found anything I have encountered to tell itself from beginning to end because if something is going to make sense, every bit and piece discovered in it’s non-order of presentation, matters to the whole. In other words, my life story is scrambled eggs and I will tell it in that manner. Bon appetite.”



Calming Her

lykki li perfection

“Dreaming while your still awake

the phenomenon of fake

seeing only you and me

refusal of the wake

We are fighting, sometimes we are

lovers, sometimes we are



dreaming while Im still awake”



Tonight’s post is inspired by Yuna’s Lullabies. Something about this song makes me crave a night drive down a long empty highway…. you know? But in all seriousness, give it a listen.

Lullabies by Yuna (Adventure Club Remix)

Song writing:

Temporary Lovers

We keep holding on, finger between each finger, woven together better than the phonics of our favourite song. Darkness gives rise to technicolour lights to match our neon dreams, we see only the best of what was once a blurred haze of the ordinary. As the emptiness of still life turns up to a hemisphere of joyfulness, we know it doesn’t matter whether we are temporary lovers or enduring soul mates because for the time being, we have the entire curve of the earth within reach. And we keep holding on.


MS ∆

“Some things lie too deep for tears to well.”

Alt-J (Ms)


Please don’t disagree with me in stating that listening to Alt-J is what I imagine having a religious experience to be like. Even if you happen to be hearing the sounds for the first time. You just want to shout, does anyone understand the beauty of this song and it’s undeniable passion?  It doesn’t have to be ∆, it can be any artist, in my opinion. But for right now, I’m obsessing over Alt-J.

Forgive me, because this is going to sound beyond deeper than how it sounds in my head…


Nighttime is my favourite time of day, or, ironically, night. That moment right after the sun has set and you feel like you might be the only one left in the world wandering the orangey-lit streets of a small town. It has to be summer though, or else its just raining and your fucking freezing your wet ass and praying to run into your bathtub.

Slowly allowing the blindness of the sun and the seemingly false happiness she exudes to pass, the nighttime brings to light the truth. Ms by Alt-J is playing on my ipod and I can’t stop feeling like it agrees with my love of darkness.

“The Shadow burns across like embers tide paper. Darker, darker, darker, darker.” 

Then time stops and you can’t hold back all the thoughts you have put on hold for this very moment. Thoughts of him surface more than I’d like to admit. Questions unanswered. This is also the moment where you over think everything. Everything. 

“I’ve pillowed you so many times this week”

You go over every look, touch, inkling of a feeling, kiss. Until the omnipresent dark claims you into slumber.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not just some love struck teenager. Today’s just today. And I’m listening to Alt-J.